Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

As the days continue to grow longer and spring and summer are on the immediate horizon, the damage and debris of fall and winter may still be lurking up there on your roof!

The professionals at US Roof & Restoration, your local Billings area roofing company, has a small checklist the homeowner can be aware of and check out in order to prevent damage and preserve the integrity of the roof.

Visually Inspect Your Roof:

During the fall and winter seasons your roof can acquire loose materials such as leaves and tree branches. This debris can impede and channel water in the wrong directions or cause pooling. This debris can also hold moisture next to shingles increasing mold, algae and rot.

Other trouble signs needing inspection include: missing shingles, turned up or curled shingles, loose exhaust pipes and fittings, improper flashing around existing pipes and lack of or improper flashing in valleys. Even the smallest crack in sealant can be an area allowing water to leak into the building.

A thorough examination by yourself or a roofing professional can help catch minor issues and keep them from progressing into major damage and repairs.

Clean and Test Your Gutter for Drainage Issues

Winter can pose punishing consequences on your gutters. Fall debris collection and winter ice jams can cause damming and cracking leading to potential water damage both inside and outside of the building,

Pull debris from your gutter and flush with a garden hose. During this stage, you might spot leaks which can be sealed off with caulking. If your gutters have severe wear and tear or if you notice where there are water stains on the soffit and fascia, it is best to call a roofing professional to inspect for further damage and need for repair.

General Wear and Tear Homeowners, look to spot general wear and tear issues such as curling or loose shingles. Perhaps you see a greater amount of “shed” from the asphalt shingles in your gutters or at the end of your downspouts after a rain, it may be time to have some good general maintenance performed or it may also be time to consider a new roof. Most asphalt type shingles have a 15 to 20 year lifespan under normal weather conditions.

Regardless of your inspection depth, if you are unsure. Call the professionals at US Roof & Restoration to help you.

Trim Nearby Branches Do you see nearby trees or bushes growing to the extent of casting shadows on your roof? Whenever the branch of a tree hangs on your roof, it could lead to shingle damage. Hire the services of a professional arborist to help you cut back the vegetation and protect your roof and gutters.

Check Your Roof from the Inside Out One of the most commonly overlooked steps when it comes to inspection of your roof is to check from the inside for any damages. If you feel comfortable, go into the attic and see if you observe sources of light. Remember, where light can get through, so can water, causing major internal structural damage.

Internal structure inspection should be referred to a roofing professional if you observe, any active water leak or pooling, light shining through the roof, mold or mildew or staining that is evidence of water penetration that has dried.

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